Outfit 001

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This. Nike. Top. Honestly, I’m in love with it; I feel like it epitomises me and my current style in one item. The structural fabric and turtleneck lend a smartness to an overtly sporty item; the fall and cut of it and its slight crop round the front all make for a perfect piece. According to the Nike website I'm actually wearing the damn thing backwards, but I actually prefer it this way. Whilst you could easily pair it with a similarly structured pair of tracksuit bottoms and get a luxe sporty look, in this instance I’ve gone for a super old pair of Stella McCartney trousers that my mum handed down to me and that don’t get enough wear. Being pretty cropped, they toe the line between being too smart or too casual, and balance out the top perfectly. I’ve added my Fenty x Puma creepers because I have to fight off pairing them with basically everything and that day I caved. However, I do actually think the outfit would look better with this pair that I bought recently, just to keep more of an all-black vibe. Finally, I’ve got my Saint Laurent duffel bag, which echoes the clean and simple lines of the rest of the outfit.


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