Festive Party Outfits

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Today I would like to share with you all a couple of outfits that are perfect for the festive season. (I've just looked at these photos again and they look hilariously dark - this is how I do festive dressing ok?) As someone who finds it extremely hard to part with her jeans, I thought today I would show you styling that is a little more formal, and more party-ready. I've also paired each outfit with an effortless but effective hairstyle using a few fantastic Bed Head by TIGI products. I've always been a little scared of hair as you guys may have noticed over the years; I've got that slippery, fine hair which seems to lose all styling immediately. Experimenting with Bed Head over the past few weeks has shown me how easy it can be to create the kind of looks I love: textured, undone, basically everything my hair is not naturally. 

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In this outfit, I'm wearing this incredible Free People dress that I have been desperate to find the occasion to wear. We all know I love an oversized piece of clothing, but the short length of the dress prevents it from drowning me completely, and the lace choker and gothic Victorian vibes bring something entirely new to my wardrobe. I've worn it here with my over-the-knee Roland Mouret boots (these are a few years old now, but I'll link up something similar down below), but I think it would work equally well with a pair of ankle boots, or worn in the day with some trainers. 

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For this hairstyle, I first washed my hair with the Bed Head by TIGI Elasticate Shampoo and Conditioner to strengthen my hair and get it ready for styling. I then used the Twisted Texture gift set to achieve the rest of my look. Whilst wet, I applied one of my new favourite hair products, Small Talk, which makes my naturally fine hair look thick and voluminous. After rough drying, I plaited the two front sections of my hair loosely and pinned them, making sure to cover the pins up. To add a little more texture, I rubbed a little of the Hard to Get Texturising Paste into the ends of my hair and pulled apart the plaits a little bit with it too, teasing out a few of the strands to get that undone feeling. 

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Whenever I want to be somewhat formal, I always return to my suits. This silver Topshop one has a wonderfully festive feel, though it, too, is a few years old now (again, I'll link up a few alternatives down below). To make it slightly more casual, I've added a simple Topshop body and Fenty x Puma Creepers, but it would work equally well with a minimalist strappy pair of heels. 

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I decided to crimp my hair for this outfit, and for this I washed with the Recharge Shampoo and Conditioner; seeing as I was going to be using a lot of heat on my hair, I thought I would use products that encouraged a little more shine and nourishment. For this reason I also applied Motor Mouth to wet hair, which provides the volume I need, but also gloss. Whilst drying my hair and throughout styling, I applied Superstar Queen for a Day, which is another of my new favourites. It's a super fine mousse that thickens and volumises the hair effortlessly. Finally, as I was crimping my hair using this Babyliss Wave Envy styler, I liberally sprayed the Hard Head Hairspray to keep my style in place, and both of these last products are available to purchase together in the Volume Blast gift set. 

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I would love to do more party wear and formal looks for you guys, so let me know down below if you'd like to see more of that here and on my channel

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