Outfit 003 | I'M BACK

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So I didn't really expect to launch my blog and then more or less disappear for a few weeks but alas, life (read: essays) got in the way. I feel like I'm finally getting into the swing of my year now that I have handed in my two 4,000 word essays, which I did last week on the 11th. I took a day or two off and then threw myself into the reading for this semester, so forgive me for only catching up with you guys now. I hope you all had a little bit of a rest over the festive period, and had a wonderful New Year. I went to Copenhagen with Zak and my family, and I have a few outfits to share with you over the next couple weeks, including this one. 

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If you're interested in seeing a few more pictures from Copenhagen, I have a highlighted Insta story on my page here; it's not particularly comprehensive but I found it quite a nice way to document the trip whilst I was recharging my vlogging batteries. I thought the city was lovely, though it was such a speedy trip I don't think I have any authority to give you guys tips and tricks on where to go - hopefully I can go back and explore for a little longer some other time. Although I was so grateful and excited to go and get out of London for New Year (I always find the pressure of NYE makes me want to flee the country), it was a tight squeeze with my essays as well and I felt like the entire holiday period was kind of haunted by them. The relief is real now that they're done!

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I don't usually wear a lot of colour, but to counteract the dreary post-Christmas January feels I thought I would pair up this gorgeous Free People beret with this old Topshop coat that has been kicking around my wardrobe for about four years and received very little love. I thought I'd go for an all-black base to keep the rest of the outfit simple, and let the outerwear speak. I tried to link up a few similar-ish coats down below, but I didn't have much luck - I'll keep an eye out for something more like it!

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On a separate note, I am going to be writing a post about my first semester of my Master's and all the stuff that came with it, so if you have any questions or themes you'd like me to cover, please leave those down below or pop me over a tweet. I'm excited to get back into writing again, and I will also hopefully have some videos headed your way over the next couple of weeks, too. I'm slowly returning to normal life post-essays, and I feel like I'm constantly playing catch up, but I have missed you all loads and I'm feeling reinvigorated and ready. 

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