Outfit 004

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A short and sweet little outfit from Copenhagen for you guys today. If you haven't checked out my last blogpost, I went there for a couple of days over New Year's, and I've only just now got around to sharing my outfits (oops!)

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We went for dinner at 108 the night I wore this outfit, and it's right by the canal. It was incredibly dark but I kind of like how the photos came out in the end. We had the tasting menu at the restaurant and it was a great way to get a feel for the concept behind their food and try some unusual things. As a sister restaurant to Noma (widely considered one of the best restaurants in the world... eek), it was pretty experimental and also very Nordic in its inspiration. The flavours were all earthy and natural, and the whole meal was unlike anything I’d ever tried before.  

For this outfit I layered a lot of different items, all of which had a silvery-creamy-blue tone. This gorgeous jacket from All Saints was one of the few things I picked up in the post-Christmas sales, and it contrasts nicely with some of the more formal elements of the outfit. A lot of the pieces are no longer in stock, but I will (as always) try to link up some similar items down below. 

Jacket - All Saints

Shirt - All Saints (similar listed)

Body - Topshop

Trousers - Topshop (similar listed)

Shoes - ACNE (similar listed)

Bag - Chloe