Outfit 008

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There's always those items you pick up and then they hang in your wardrobe unworn for weeks, sometimes months. For two of these pieces, that was the case. For some reason I just never got round to wearing this scuba-style colour block body or cropped denim jacket until now. I am in love with both of them, and together they make the perfect outfit for this strange transitional period when you're not sure if it'll be snowing outside, or mild and sunny. The knitwear body is pretty cosy but also breathable, and I just love the shape of this cropped jacket, and I think it'll look amazing with all sorts of outfits well into summer. Unfortunately the former is no longer available, but I'll link some similar stuff for you guys down below. And now I'm off to go root around in my wardrobe for other pieces I may have forgotten about…

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Body - Topshop (similar linked below)

Jacket - Topshop

Jeans - Topshop (similar linked below)

Shoes - Fenty x Puma

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