Outfit 007 | New In Topshop

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Now the snow has melted and I've come out of hibernation (more on that in my next diary post), I'm back to share with you all an outfit formed of all but one of the latest bits I've bought from Topshop (these incredible cowboy boots are missing, inspired by both Claire Marshall and Sammi Jefcoate - I'm sure they'll turn up in a post soon enough). 

I've actually cracked out a skirt for once, which is relatively rare for me. And I wasn't even that cold in this outfit which prompted me to think about how I might style up a few more pieces from my rather unloved skirt selection on milder days. I also think this one still has a kinda wintry vibe because of its pattern, so it's perfect for this funny in-between time of year. 

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Then I'm wearing the softest turtleneck ribbed crop top. Honestly, this thing is heavenly, and it falls really nicely on its own too. A very versatile piece, I think. And finally this cord 'shacket' (gives me shivers saying that word) which is actually surprisingly warm despite its being quite obviously ~not a coat~. Maybe Spring is finally on its way? 

(Also my fringe desperately needs a trim...)

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I met so many dogs shooting this

I met so many dogs shooting this