Outfit 017


This week’s outfit is a little more chilled than last week’s. I’m wearing these incredible Dr. Martens from my latest haul that I bought in the January sales (they’re no longer available in the sale but you can still get them on ASOS). Planning outfits around a good pair of standout boots seems to be becoming a bit of a winter-dressing habit. These are such a statement with the glitter and the flames and the red (you can get them in black too though!), but whilst I wanted to keep it simple I didn’t want the rest of the outfit to be boring, either.


I’m wearing an old men’s All Saints shirt with pops of red in, and then some ripped jeans and leather jacket to top the look off to complement the traditional Docs vibe. This is my perfect everyday outfit, and if you’re finding it a little too chilly for the current cold snap we’re having, then you can always add an oversized coat over the top (leather jackets work well for layering like this). Let me know if you like it!


Dr. Martens Boots

Urban Outfitters Ripped Mom Jeans (old, similar below)

All Saints Leather Jacket

All Saints Shirt (old, similar below)