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Hair Extensions: My Experience

Last week I had my hair extensions removed after around six weeks so I thought it best to write up this post before I forget all about my days as a long-haired mermaid type. Before we get started a little disclaimer: the hair and the fitting of the extensions were #gifted to me by the lovely Vixen and Blush.

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Festive Party Outfits

Today I would like to share with you all a couple of outfits that are perfect for the festive season. (I've just looked at these photos again and they look hilariously dark - this is how I do festive dressing ok?) As someone who finds it extremely hard to part with her jeans, I thought today I would show you styling that is a little more formal, and more party-ready.

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My Experience with Laser Facials

So, in addition to my new, simple skincare routine that I’ve detailed here, I started to go to the D. Thomas Clinic. They are skincare specialists who are most famous for their signature tailored facials, of which there are three levels. About a year previously, I had received the DNA Essential Skin Grade 1, which involved extractions and tailored products and advice, but this time I wanted to go a step further and involve some of the laser services which the clinic is well-known for. Whilst they have a DNA Ultimate Laser Grade 3, I thought that the DNA Laser Complete Grade 2 was the best option for me, being a newbie to any laser treatments.

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